General / 10 January 2023

Welcome to my commission price list

The rates below are starting prices for non commercial use only. If you wish to make a comercial request , please feel free to contact me via email for a budget.

Before commissioning me, please read carefully my terms of service

Thank you  very much! 

T.O.S. 2023

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Price 150€ (+80€ extra character)

✦ Fully rendered illustraton with videogame vibes,  dynamic poses and background. Perfect if you want to show 1-2 characters in action with heroic poses, paying special attention to tiny details.

Default size is around 6000-8000px wide, 16:9 ratio and 300 ppp. Custom sizes available


Price: 150€ -200€ depending on background complexity

 (+60€ extra character)

✦ Illustration of a fully rendered character  on a simpler pose (showing at leats 70% of it)  and a detailed environment. Perfect if you want a narrative piece where the background and the context are just as important as the charater. I'ts also a good option for group pieces such as tavern scenes. 

Complex weapons or character designs may add to the price. Each case will be considered individualy.

Default size is around A3 and 300 ppp. Custom sizes available with no cost up to A2


Price: 100€

✦ Fully rendered static pose with  plain or simple abstract background

Complex weapons or character designs may add to the price. Each case will be considered individualy.

Default size is around A3 and 300 ppp. Custom sizes available with no cost up to A2


Base price: 70€

✦ Starting price is for a standard reference sheet wich includes 1 full body view fully rendered and color chart.

Additional features

‧ Full body view (front/back) simple shaded: 30€

‧ Flat color action pose: 20€

‧ Simple shaded headshot: 20€

‧ First outfit design: 40€

‧ Extra outfit ( using the previous pose as a base) : 25€

‧ Simple prop design ( jewlery, tools, potions...etc) : 5€

‧ Complex prop design ( weapons, wings, mechanical artifacts...etc) : 10 - 20€

Default size is around A3 and 300 ppp. Custom sizes available with no cost up to A2


‧ Complex character designs : 10 - 20 €

‧ Highly detailed outfits or armors : 5 - 10 €

‧ Complex architectural backgrounds : 10-20 €

Feel always free to contact me and ask for a budget through

Terms of Service

General / 10 January 2023



Commission applications will usually be open through forms. If you are looking for something that is not listed on the forms feel free to contact me through my email. Once you fill the commission request I’ll contact you as soon as possible to confirm the inquiry and sort all the details. 

Applying for a commission is always free and you won't be charged until we have agreed on a budget. 


After we have agreed on the final price I’ll send you a Paypal invoice. Euro (€) is  the only accepted currency. Bank transfers will only be accepted from Spain residents.

For smaller commissions full payment must be done upfront. In the case of commissions of 150€ or more, 50% must be paid at the beginning,in which case I’ll work until I complete half of the process prior to receiving the rest of the payment.


You can expect your commission to be completed  within 2 - 4 weeks depending on the complexity. Time off due to vacations or illness will be notified. I work  from Monday to Friday so I won't be available on weekends.


Two revisions are allowed per WIP. I’ll be sending you updates on each stage of the commission: sketch, detailed line art/grayscale, color scheme and final piece. Once I move on to the next stage of the process no modifications would be allowed on the previous one, so take your time on each one to give me feedback.

 Any additional major modification would have an extra cost of 5 - 15 € depending on complexity. Small changes are free. 


Each client would receive a high resolution non watermarked version of the piece for personal use and a smaller watermarked file suitable for online sharing on social media, etc.

I’ll deliver the final products via Drive link only once the full payment has been completed.

Please keep in mind that clients are not allowed to make any profit out of this commission. Therefore, the use of these images as a company logo, trademark, NFT or any other commercial use are forbidden. Alterations on these images are mostly forbidden, but you can crop them  to use on your social media. If you have any doubts about this or want to consult a specific case, feel free to ask me .

If you wish to sell my artwork or use it for any commercial purpose, an additional charge will be discussed privately and added to  the budget. 


Let me know if the commission should be finished for a specific date. If I found the deadline reasonable no extra fee will be added.


The artist and the client can cancel the commission during the process, in which case I’ll provide a refund via Paypal  keeping the amount of what I worked so far. 


You must be over 18 to commission me. 

Your full name and address will be provided to me by Paypal. This information will kept private and be only used for legal purposes

I retain the right to publish the commission on my social media, online portfolio and price chart, as well as any WIP related to it. I can delay publishing it if the client wishes to (if the artwork for example was requested as a surprise for a specific date). If you wish your commission to be completely private and not to be shown on my social media , an additional fee of 20% will be added.


I’m currently based in Spain (CET) so please keep in mind the time difference when awaiting for an answer.

My work is SFW, I do not create work representing NSFW, political or  religious themes, so please keep that in mind before commissioning me. Thank you !

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email and I’ll be more than happy to help you.